GRATIS Versand


Wrangler returns to the 1970s with a distinct Varsity feel.
Retro Nights is a darker, grungier take on 70’s Americana.

We love the diverse neighbourhood of the Lower East Side - its unique energy providing endless inspiration and collaboration opportunities for artists and musicians like Nick and Johann.

Body Bespoke® fits run throughout the collection with surprise fabrics like velvet making an appearance alongside traditional washes. New Men’s jean styles include the super skinny Strangler.

Traditional Americana/Varsity details run through the collection - terrycloth patches and wool & leather contrast sleeves. It’s 70’s Americana with wearable cuts.
70’s references also run through the denim - the collection features girl’s jeans which are crafted from a heavier, stone washed denim, and cut with a high waist.

Taking in New York and all it has to offer outside of the usual tourist spots - bookstores, the good pizza joint, indie coffee and vinyl shops, secret nightspots and that one mate’s apartment where you always end up.

Wrangler schaut in die Vergangenheit für eine perfekte Zukunft